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Better late than never, here’s the recording of our pre-concert talk from our 4 June concert at the Queen Elizabeth Hall. For this talk we were joined by Sarah Bardwell, director of the Handel House Museum, who talked about Handel, and musical life in London during his time.


Following on from the previous instalment here are photographer Eric Richmond’s second set of favourite OAE pictures he has taken.

2000 – Mirror pics

2005 – Lilliputian pics

2010 – Gaffer tape pics

Our June OAE podcast is now here, and is, if we say so ourselves a rather good listen. In it, we take a trip to Glyndebourne, catch up with OAE Education Director Cherry to talk about our fantastic Creation project and related Family Concert, chat with Eduardo Portal, the current Melgaard OAE Young Conductor and finally we talk to Eric Richmond (photographer) and Chris Harrison (designer) who are behind our much-talked-about gaffer tape pics.

Or search for us on itunes.

Our latest podcast features regular OAE photographer Eric Richmond, who has worked with us for many years, talking about our new ‘gaffer tape’ pics. While we were with Eric we took the opportunity to talk to him about some of his favourite images from past seasons, and here are the first three – more will follow tomorrow.

1996 – Yellow pics

1997 – Sporting pics

1998 – Private passions

Yes, Pod Idol is here. At the last Night Shift we asked people to audition to be ‘The Voice of The Night Shift’, i.e. the voice-over for our regular Night Shift podcasts. We asked entrants to read out four lines for us:

“Welcome to The Night Shift podcast”

“You’re listening to The Night Shift podcast”

“The Night Shift, the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment’s late night concert series”

“The Night Shift. Classical music, minus the rules”

Thank you to everyone who entered, we were pleasantly surprised at how many of you gave it a go! We’ve now picked our favourites and it’s now down to you, blog readers and Night Shift fans, to pick a winner. Listen to the clips below and then VOTE! We’ll announce the winner on Tuesday 22 June, so you have until then to cast your vote. UPDATE: Voting will close 12 noon, 22 June







A few weeks ago office staff at the OAE indulged in one of the rather nice perks of working here, a chance to go to a final rehearsal at Glyndebourne picnicGlyndebourne, together with associated picnic. It’s very efficiently organised (the picnic) with spreadsheets being drawn up and each person being alloted a specific type of dish to bring. As usual it took place under overcast skies but it wouldn’t be the same if it were full sun…

We saw the final rehersal of Cosi fan Tutte. A final rehearsal is pretty much like a performance, apart from the audience (and Orchestra, come to think of it) being dress in mufti rather than dolled up in DJ’s. The performance was great, and below you can hear members of the office talking about the production and their Glyndebourne experience.

Isabelle before the show

Isabelle after the show

Ceri talks about the performance

Nicolette talks about the performance

Megan talks about the performance

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