InternsSo this afternoon our new Communications Interns, Natasha and Darren, are having their induction session, (i.e. where the coffee is and how the phones work).They’ll be with us for a couple of months and are sharing the ‘job’, doing 3 and 2 days a week respectively. We hope to give them a good insight into how the OAE works and how the marketing and press side of the office functions, and ultimately equip them with some useful experience for the future.

BUT we did realise this afternoon that we have a major problem. We already have someone in the office called Natasha. Who works in the Communications team. This could obviously cause huge confusion. Darren said therefore that they should have some kind of Jedward style of name (explanation here if you’ve been on Mars for the last year), i.e. a fusion of their two names, especially given they’re sharing the job (Jedward = John and Edward btw).

So, any suggestions? It may help to know their full names which are Darren Charlton and Natasha Riordan-Eva…the best suggestion will not only be used on a daily basis in the office but the inventor will also get an exciting range of OAE merchandise sent to them.

William Norris, Communications Director