When I go to conferences and seminars and the like one of the recurring themes seems to be that of organisational structure and the need for successful organisations to break down the ‘silos’ that often occur within them – i.e. departments that work in isolation from each other, with little understanding of each other and what they’re up to – sometimes even being hostile to each other.

That such a situation occurs within big organisations is perhaps understandable, but its surprising that even in an office of just 18 people that we do sometimes have some small symptoms of this – not everyone realising that an education event is occurring, that the orchestra is that morning off on tour, being unaware of a Financial deadline looming, or that two people have been emailing the same person at the Southbank Centre the same question…. Little things.

Of course we all do work together pretty closely in general – but it’s especially nice when you work on a specific project jointly together. Such a project has been the OAE’s Silver Anniversary Appeal when the Development and Communications teams have worked together really closely – ordinarily this would have been just a project handled by the Development team but the two departments worked together on a campaign that, for the first time, went out to our entire mailing list. Another innovation was that we took donations online for the first time – something we’ll be doing a lot more of when our new website goes online this summer. The project has also sparked off a lot of other ideas as to how we can engage audiences and also fundraise in innovative ways for future projects.

The campaign is now in the home straight and we have just a few thousand pounds to raise to hit our target – which will then trigger a £20,000 bonus windfall, thanks to some very generous supporters of ours. We’re thrilled to have achieved such a great result together. Of course there’s still time to donate – and every single donor, whether its £1 or £1000 will be credited in the programme on the 21 June and subsequently on our website.

William Norris, Communications Director
(but with the campaign being brought together by Duke Dobing, Clare Norburn, Isabelle Tawil, Lucy Pilcher, Jodie Gilliam, Natasha Stehr, Katy Bell and Zen Grisdale)