Firstly, apologies for the use of the ‘word’ amazeballs, but it seems to be popular currency in the OAE  office at the moment.

So, we are very lucky at the OAE to have an amazing sponsor*, namely Lindt. They supply us with lots of lovely goodies through the year which are used for all sorts of purposes. However we just noticed in the office that we have a bit of an over-supply of the Fondente Lindt Balls. We can’t think why as they’re rather tasty. Anyway, rather than eat them all ourselves and get hideously fat, we thought we’d (obviously) fill up a violin case with them and turn it into a Night Shift competition – the next event of which is just 2 weeks away on 4 May.

The obvious question therefore is – how many Lindt Balls in the violin case?

The person closest to the answer (yes we did count them) will win all the Lindt Balls, plus a couple of tickets to our next Night Shift event. The competition will close on Tuesday 26 April at Midday – so get guessing! Just leave your answer as a comment here or leave an answer over on our OAE or Night Shift Facebook profiles.

*Of course we also have many other fantastic sponsors…