Rosemary sings with us tomorrow night at our twin performances at the Queen Elizabeth Hall (7pm and 10pm). Here are her quick Rosemary Joshuaquestions…

What/when was your big breakthrough?
I’m still waiting for it!

What do you fear the most?
Walking onto the stage with the wrong vocal score in my hand! It nearly happened to me once before a concert performance of Tancredi… I was travelling with various music scores and just happened to pick up the wrong one as I left my dressing room in a panic…

Which mobile number do you call the most?
Officially my husband’s!

What – or where – is perfection?
Having flaws and defects is what makes life interesting…perfection is what we aspire towards and keeps us motivated. The perfect place to be is wherever the people I love happen to be in the world…

Who is your favourite hero from fiction (book/comic/film/opera) – and why?
Basil Fawlty…  the sheer energy and sense of improvisation overwhelms me every time. Fawlty Towers never lets me down when I need a good laugh!

What’s your favourite ritual?
A delicious aperitif at 7pm on the terrace of my house in the South of France!

Which living person do you most admire (and why)?
My sister-in-law Christine Lagarde for her sheer commitment, ability to communicate and motivate everyone around her and for such incredible achievements in a predominantly male orientated world.

What other talent or skill would you like to possess?
I would love to fly an aircraft… it would have made my life so much easier over the past 20 years!

What is the most important lesson life has taught you?
Not to take myself too seriously and to deal with the unpredictable circumstances thrown at me with practicality and calm resignation!

What is the most played piece of music on your MP3 player or in your CD collection?
Frank Sinatra-You make me feel so young!

What’s the best thing about working with the OAE?
I’ve worked with the OAE for over 15 years. Music making is always fun…I love the way the OAE responds to a singer…they really listen and there is a wonderful feeling of security while also having the spontaneity  that makes a performance so exciting. They’re also a lovely group of people/friends.