A few weeks ago, we were having a chat about food (a daily occurrence in the  office) and that we always have far too much junk food lying around tempting people.

So, we decided to hold a baking competition, similar to the BBC’s Bake Off programme on at the moment (although I reckon that many of the bakers here in the office are much better at cooking than the people on TV!)

Each week, a member of the office team will be cooking up a delicious homemade treat, whether it’s sweet, savoury or just plain weird, as long as it/they are edible.

French apple tartI was first to bake and decided to go for a French Apple Tart, as I’ve recently discovered how to make pastry fairly well (although my first attempt was a bit of disaster- crumbly and undercooked) and I’d just picked a load of Bramley apples from a relative’s tree.

It seems to have gone down well, there wasn’t much left by the end of the day!

Next week is the turn of Lisa Sian (Finance Director)- we’ll post her creation then.

Natasha Stehr, Marketing and Press Officer