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When us OAE office workers think about the summer we often associate it with the word ‘quiet’. That’s not because we’re putting our feet up

This is what we're NOT doing in the office this summer

This is what we're NOT doing in the office this summer

and drinking champagne (often) but because usually, our London concerts stop for a bit.

As you may know, our main season of concerts in London runs from October through to May, and the summer period is usually a bit different – the Orchestra is down in Glyndebourne for much of the time and while we do some touring it’s generally less intensive than during the rest of the year.

So for the office team this often gives us a chance to recover, regroup and do some long-range planning. Not so this year. Because unsually, we’re doing several events in London. We have the Proms, which is normal, but we’ve also just announced a special summer Night Shift. We’ve wanted to do a summer event in the Night Shift series for a while, as it’s such a long gap between events otherwise. And we’re thrilled (understatement) that it’s going to be at Wilton’s Music Hall. When Ceri, our Projects Director, and I looked at it a month or so back we knew instantly it would be perfect, and we were over the moon (there were whoops in the office) when it was all confirmed.

What we don't have time to follow this summer...

What we don't have time to follow this summer...

The event goes on sale tomorrow, at noon, and all the info is on the website. Tomorrow we’ll also post up some pics of Wilton’s and announce a second special summer event…

William Norris, Marketing Director

Here’s a second set of pics taken backstage around our performance of L’estro Armonico earlier this year, taken by Karen Robinson. This set is from the afternoon rehearsal.

Next Tuesday we are performing Haydn’s Creation in the atmospheric surroundings of St Paul’s Cathedral, as part of the City of London Thierry FischerFestival. We caught up with conductor Thierry Fischer to ask him a few quick questions:

What/when was your big breakthrough?

Still to come…

What do you fear the most?

Today, … I fear that Switzerland is not going to reach the final of the World Cup…

Which mobile number do you call the most?

My wife’s number and my travel agent’s one… and the “lost and found office” at Geneva Airport.

What – or where – is perfection?

Fortunately, there is no answer. A perfect hope would be to believe that everything is still possible…

Who is your favourite hero from fiction (book/comic/film/opera) – and why?

Well… today… it’s…

Book: Raimond Gregorius in Night train for Lisbon by Pascal Mercier

Comic: XIII by Jean Van Hamme

Film: Schlomo in Va, vis et deviens by Radu Mihaileanu

Opera: La Musica in La Favola d’Orfeo by Monteverdi

… And tomorrow will be different…

What’s your favourite ritual?

My favourite ritual is to do my best not to have one.

Which living person do you most admire (and why)?

Anyone, at any level, in any branch, acting with creativity to bring something new and constructive, full of perspectives…

What other talent or skill would you like to possess?

Being a striker in the Swiss Football Team.

What is the most played piece of music on your MP3 player or in your CD collection?

La Ville des deux Paix played by Hesperion XXI conducted by Jordi Savall.

Should the classical music world work harder to attract a wider audience?

Yes, not really much harder but more specifically, promoting the energy of “Live Music” which can’t be replaced by any technology…

Following on from the previous instalment here are photographer Eric Richmond’s second set of favourite OAE pictures he has taken.

2000 – Mirror pics

2005 – Lilliputian pics

2010 – Gaffer tape pics

Directors of German Bank, Commerzbank, were worried that the weather may dampen spirits at their day out at Glyndebourne as part of their support of the OAE this year.  But, sunshine was in abundance.  They never thought at a swarm of bees may get the better of them.

The day before their trip to the East Sussex Opera House a thousand strong swarm of bees hovered over the grounds.  Luckily two local bee keepers were dispatched to catch the bees before they played havoc with the opera loving crowds.

Our Development Manager, Nicolette Shaw, who accompanied Commerzbank to Glyndebourne said “there were hundreds of bees left around the trees but thankfully there was no sign of the thousands of the day before.  Glyndebourne opera lovers have to deal with sheep, wild turkeys, pheasants picking at picnics and now bees but it’s all part of the summer fun”.

Commerzbank is helping children from King’s Cross schools prepare a project led by the OAE around Don Giovanni at Glyndebourne this year.  Children from the inner city schools will be travelling to Glyndebourne on July 23rd. Beware of the killer bees 😮

Our June OAE podcast is now here, and is, if we say so ourselves a rather good listen. In it, we take a trip to Glyndebourne, catch up with OAE Education Director Cherry to talk about our fantastic Creation project and related Family Concert, chat with Eduardo Portal, the current Melgaard OAE Young Conductor and finally we talk to Eric Richmond (photographer) and Chris Harrison (designer) who are behind our much-talked-about gaffer tape pics.

Or search for us on itunes.

After a very closely fought and ever-changing battle  the winner of Night Shift Pod Idol 2010 is….(cue dramatic background music)…(long pause)…


Congratulations! Thanks also to everyone else who entered – we were quite staggered to get SO many votes – thousands of them!

Thanks for voting and entering and keep an ear out for Raul on future pods…

Our latest podcast features regular OAE photographer Eric Richmond, who has worked with us for many years, talking about our new ‘gaffer tape’ pics. While we were with Eric we took the opportunity to talk to him about some of his favourite images from past seasons, and here are the first three – more will follow tomorrow.

1996 – Yellow pics

1997 – Sporting pics

1998 – Private passions

A while back, photographer Karen Robinson was commissioned by Southbank Centre to take pictures of the Resident Orchestras and their major artists, with a view to using the images for the Southbank Centre’s 2010-2011 Classical Music Season. You may well have already seen the photographs in the Southbank’s Classical Music Guide. As part of the project, Karen spent a day with the OAE as we rehearsed and performed Vivaldi’s L’estro armonico at the Queen Elizabeth Hall. The results are fantastic, and a wonderful glimpse into what happens backstage at a concert. Here’s an initial selection (from the afternoon rehearsal), and more will follow.

William Norris, Marketing Director

Here are some pics from Monday’s Creation Education project, a joint effort with Brighton Early Music Festival. The orchestra rehearsed on their own in the morning in St George’s Church, Kemp Town, Brighton. We were then joined by 250 school children in the afternoon, who were EXTREMELY well behaved. At 6pm we were joined by all their parents who were queuing around the block to come and hear them sing some Turkish songs and Part 1 of Haydn’s Creation.

After the performance I nipped down to the beach (looking and feeling very out of place trying to carry my wheelie suitcase down the pebbly beach!) to meet the bassoonist, Zoe and Rebecca, and Lizzy, one of the singers. They were keeping Zoe company as she had decided to go for a swim.

Megan Russell, Projects Manager

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