Following Wednesday’s little trip to Salisbury International Arts Festival for the final Vespers performance, we thought we’d write a last “10 things learnt on the Vespers tour” to complete the set!

  1. Vespers in Salisbury, following Beethoven 6 at The Night Shift in London = from one end of the musical scale to the other!
  2. (Also = very tired…)
  3. Salisbury Cathedral was a beautiful setting for the liturgical performance
  4. Involvement of Clergy, incense and candles gave a very different and special feel to the rest of the tour.
  5. Cathedral has windows. Help!!! Practicing in the afternoon meant lighting would be different in the evening!
  6. The shops close in Salisbury at 5.30pm, and restaurants don’t start serving food till 6pm.
  7. Ceri has conveniently the same sized feet as Liz Kenny, and conveniently had a spare pair of black shoes in her bag (Sorry Liz, no excuses to buy another pair of shoes!).
  8. Large, very appreciative audience – standing ovations possible in the UK!
  9. No time for ice-cream, so cannot compare to Holland and Berlin.
  10. Last train back to London is 22.27  Just about made it due to there being no Interval (not the reason for not having an interval by the way)

Ceri Jones and Megan Russell, Projects Director and Projects Manager