Day two from the Monteverdi Vespers tour to the Netherlands/Berlin and Bristol, ten things Ceri and Megan have learnt so far:

  1. Bicycles have right of way over pedestrians
  2. Mopeds on pavements have right of way over pedestrians
  3. ‘Slagroom’ is the Dutch word for cream
  4. Eindhoven KNOW how to do sandwiches
  5. There are no bendy risers at Muziekcentrum Fritz Philips Eindhoven
  6. The ‘Airport Eindhoven Zaal’ didn’t resemble an airport at all…
  7. The crowd really enjoyed the performance, so much so that we got a standing ovation.
  8. Happy concert punters will generously treat the orchestra to post concert ‘Bitteballen’ (like a croquet but with condensed chicken soup inside!)
  9. Great shoe shops, shame about the lack of shopping time
  10. Basse de violon players can be surprisingly good at directing coaches reversing through three lanes of traffic

Ceri Jones, Projects Director and Megan Russell, Projects Manager