So, what do a pre-concert Leonard Bernstein film & talk in the Purcell Room, a Night Shift in the Queen Elizabeth Hall and a pre-concert Spirit of the Creation talk in the Royal Festival Hall all have in common?  Well, apart from all having been events run by OAE at and all having occurred last week, they all featured yours truly leaping (!) around all 3 different auditoriums with a roving microphone enabling members of the audience to engage in a spot of Question and Answering with the speakers on stage – which across these 3 events included; Humphrey Burton, Marshall Marcus, Marin Alsop, Alistair Appleton, the whole of the OAE, David Stancliffe and Helen Marriage!!

So what did I learn?

  • The various audiences at all these events do like to ask lots of insightful questions:  Fantastic start, you’ve all been paying attention.
  • That boots with a bit of a heel are not the ideal choice of footwear for the task.
  • That one question to the next will be inevitably from opposite sides of the auditorium.  Thanks for that, just as well I enjoy a bit of exercise.
  • That just because the Purcell room is smaller it doesn’t make it any easier – those shallow steps are tricky to navigate.
  • & lastly that actually the job was quite fun and I’m looking forward to doing it again at the next pre-concert talk on 28 January, as well as listening to all your questions!

Ceri Jones, Project Manager