Surely this is a blog about the behind the scenes operations of a period instrument orchestra, and not a bakery, but yes this blog article is Cakegoing to focus on the joys of cake….

Last Sunday morning I found myself running in the Royal Parks Half Marathon – a lovely half marathon route around Hyde, Green and St James Park, and other well known sights of London. – We even passed the OAE’s regular performing haunts of Southbank Centre and Royal Albert Hall. I’d got a charity place in the race alongside a group of people from a fitness group I belong to – Fitter London ( and we were all raising funds for a charity called Right to Play ( Right To Play is an athlete-driven international humanitarian organisation that uses sport and play as a tool for development of children and youth in the most disadvantaged areas of the world.

I’d already spent the last few weeks hounding all my friends and colleagues for money so decided to do something a little different to reach my fundraising target. Remembering that the 40-strong orchestra were going to be rehearsing in Kings Place this week for our 15th October Concert, I decided to spend most of my Monday afternoon at home baking cakes (I was at home supposed to be resting my tired legs!). The oven was on the go for 2 hours, the kitchen a bomb-site and I made myself almost queasy eating raw cake mixture but the result was an array of flapjacks, ginger biscuits, carrot & orange buns and tea-loaf.

Well they, came, they sampled, and they donated very generously towards my humble cooking efforts, and I’m pleased to say I’m very nearly at my fundraising target. Hooray! Many thanks to all the players who were brave enough to sample my cooking. Now I just need to plan my next race and bake-athon!

Ceri Jones, Projects Manager