Most deliveries to our office are fairly mundane, even boring. Stationery, post, maybe some new brochures if we’re lucky. One delivery we

Development Director Duke Dobing poses with the chocolates

Development Director Duke Dobing poses with the chocolates

had last week though was notable for two reasons. First it seemed to send the building management here at Kings Place into some kind of frenzy, as although it’s a brand new building, no one seems to have thought of how to get deliveries from the delivery bay through to our office. Everytime we think we have a solution to the problem some new problem comes up, and this time we at one point had three members of staff in the office on the phone to three different people in the management of Kings Place trying to work out how to get the delivery to us without contravening one of the many rules and reglations of the building. We have now been issued with a ‘simple’ 9-point (!) plan of how to get deliveries to our office…

Anyway, the really interesting thing was the content of the delivery – two delivery cages worth of Lindt Chocolates! Lindt are an OAE sponsor and this was our yearly delivery. Sadly, not for office consumption…

William Norris, Marketing Director