When I finally get me one of those I-phone thingamajigs will be able to do this live, but for now pen and paper with a type up in the office afterwards will have to suffice!

Here’s a Project Manager’s 24hour tweet trip from the orchestra’s tour to Grafenegg, nr Vienna, Austria last Thursday 27th August.  The rules are 140 characters per tweet and no more.  Not too good at being concise so let’s see how I get on!

Thursday 27th August
8am Checking in at Heathrow Terminal 3.  Have just spotted jazz singer Jamie Cullum, wonder if he’s flying to Vienna too?

9am Late name swop on ticket due to sick violin and wrongly packed passport give heart palpitations. Checked in with 30secs to spare. Phew.

10am Airborne. Reading book. Wondering why so many OAE musicians drink tomato juice.

11am Still airborne. Packed flight. Hoping ground staff put the basses and timps on the plane.

12pm/1pm (local time) Landed. Waiting ages for bags and basses. Phew all arrive.  Conveniently only walking 100m from arrival to hotel!

2pm Oh dear hotel rooms not ready. Change in toilet, then board buses to Graffenegg. Wish I could speak German to bus drivers!

3pm On bus to Grafenegg, eating sandwich lunch bought in Vienna airport, yummmmm…

4pm Arrive. Wow. Feels like in the middle of no where! Beautiful. Very very Hot here!

5pm Promoter takes Stephen and me on tour of the venue and grounds during the rehearsal.  Like an Austrian Glyndebourne/Aldeburgh!

6pm Quick coffee and cake in the restaurant with Philippa, and the oboes.

7pm Haydn 49 and trumpet concerto.  Hot hot hot (yes the playing and the temperature).

8pm Step out for interval air, the men are taking off their jackets!

9pm Half way through Mendelssohn 3, so glad am getting to hear it at last!

10pm Coffee potting on bus back (ask Helen, Susie, Cathy and Debbie what that means).

11pm Finally get room key, then find my way to the hotel bar for a quick drink before bed

12am Still enjoying that quick drink

1am Asleep.  zzzzzz

2am Asleep. zzzzzz

3am Asleep.   Zzzzzz

4am Awake..  Is it time to get up yet?  No!!!!  Back to sleep.

5am Just 30 mins more of precious sleep left

6am Up, showered, packed and in foyer meeting basses and their owners to walk over to check-in.

7am Still arguing with the check-in staff about getting the basses on the plane.  Chances of a quick breakfast are running slim

8am Take-off!  All present and correct despite the little sleep!

9am/8am Above France somewhere wondering why I had the fortunate luck to be sitting next to 2, 10yr old American siblings who are fighting.  Still.

9am Still circling above London as Heathrow is having a busy morning.  Great window view of the Dome, then Wimbledon, then Richmond Park!

10am Landed and delighted to see bags and basses already waiting in arrivals, after the long security queues.

11am Off to Cardiff for a long Bank holiday weekend.  Yippee!

Ceri Jones, Projects Manager