A couple of weeks ago (sorry, bit of a backlog here on the OAE blog) we had the second of two schools concerts here at Kings Place. The first, the week previous, was unfortunately disrupted by one of our all too frequent fire alarms, which necessitates the evaculation of the whole of Kings Place – thousands of people spilling onto the pavement, but this time with the added complication of over 400 children.

Anyway, this time around we were all crossing our fingers we wouldn’t have a repeat. To start things off OAE horn players Martin Lawrence and Gavin Edwards played horn calls to each other, while traversing the long escalators here – it sounded superb in the huge cathedral-like acoustic of the atrium.

The 400 hundred or so children then enjoyed the concert – uninterrupted this time! We have another 4 schools concert coming up, and while I generally resist ‘selling’ events here on the blog you may be interested to know that we have an open-to-all family concert here on 17 May.

William, Marketing Director