On Friday 26 February I had my last day as a Marketing and Development Intern for the OAE. I finished the last things I had to do (almost) and we all had a drink!

I was so happy and sad at the same time! Happy since the internship gave me the opportunity to carry out and see everything I wanted to. I had been given numerous tasks by both departments, being at the same time trained and given responsibilities. I met creative and professional sylvainpeople, whether I was working in the office, at a development event, rehearsal or concert.

But more than that, I became very closely involved with the life of a great and innovative orchestra, got to understand how the different departments interact as well as the relationship between the artists and the management, working all together to provide amazing period instrument performances!

I have also been given essential career advice. To me, this experience was the best way to start and further a career in the arts.

That’s why I feel happy and sad. I left these wonderful people, environment and offices. Yes, I forgot to say, my desk was right by the canal and I could wave at the sailors passing by (during my break of course)!

Sylvain Malburet
Development and Marketing Intern
(Sept 07-March 09)