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Having written a short while ago about a less busy period for the Orchestra, we are now currently in the midst of an incredibly busy few months.
Last week we started rehearsal for the St Matthew Passion with Mark Padmore, which had its first performance last night in Bristol. Prior to this project starting we had already started rehearsals for Dido & Aeneas and Acis & Galatea at the Royal Opera House. We had the dress rehearsal for that last Friday, and the first night is tonight. You can imagine that quite a lot of work goes into scheduling and dovetailing two projects like these!

The Passion is touring to Amsterdam, Spain, Paris and Berlin, and the double bill at the Royal Opera House is playing until 20 April. Then from 19 April we’re straight into our next two projects – Heiner Goebbel’s Songs of Wars I have seen and our Haydn concert with conductor Ed Gardner. Phew!

William, Marketing Director

A couple of weeks ago (sorry, bit of a backlog here on the OAE blog) we had the second of two schools concerts here at Kings Place. The first, the week previous, was unfortunately disrupted by one of our all too frequent fire alarms, which necessitates the evaculation of the whole of Kings Place – thousands of people spilling onto the pavement, but this time with the added complication of over 400 children. Read the rest of this entry »

Night Shift poster at Waterloo

Night Shift poster at Waterloo

Had a bit of a “I’m proud I work for the OAE” moment yesterday. Was on a bus on the way to work and couldn’t resist taking a snap of our lovely Nightshift poster as I passed Waterloo, excuse the lampost in the way I was on a bus afterall! Couldn’t resist blogging about it too, must be finally getting to grips with this 21st Century blogging lark.

Ceri, Projects Manager

I mentioned a while back several people from the OAE office team attended the Association of British Orchestras conference in Cardiff this year. It took place at the spectacular Millenium Centre, a few pics of which are below, and the theme of the conference was sustainability, looking issues such as how orchestras can be financially sustainable in a recession, how we can tour in a sustainable fashion and how we can adapt to a changing society.

I asked around the office for comments on the conference: Read the rest of this entry »

On Friday 26 February I had my last day as a Marketing and Development Intern for the OAE. I finished the last things I had to do (almost) and we all had a drink!

I was so happy and sad at the same time! Happy since the internship gave me the opportunity to carry out and see everything I wanted to. I had been given numerous tasks by both departments, being at the same time trained and given responsibilities. I met creative and professional sylvainpeople, whether I was working in the office, at a development event, rehearsal or concert.

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I am new to the OAE and have been planning to write on this blog for some time now. I have had a wonderful time with the OAE so far and have thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many new people from players to audience members.

Recently I have been focusing on our Haydn Series and have been busy preparing for a Haydn event which took place last week at the Austrian Embassy. The event was a huge success and we were delighted with the beautiful surroundings and welcoming hostess – the Austrian Ambassador. There was great buzz all night with everyone appearing to enjoy the food, wine and beautiful music. We were really pleased that so many people at this event were completely new to the OAE– it was a fantastic way to introduce new people to the Orchestra. We have had a very positive response from many who attended and I am looking forward to start planning our next one! There are a few pics below of the beautiful Embassy building.

Claire Lenyk, Development Manager

Click here for a more ‘official’ review from The Times.

An audience members review from our concert at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on 10 March:

I am not really qualified to pass comment on the performance of the OAE as I am a very amateur musician (I pay to be allowed to play the trumpet and as far as my wife is concerned, the best present she ever gave to me was a practice mute), however, I was at the concert so here goes……

A few gripes first:

My seat had been sold to someone else as well as me! The other person let me have the seat (thank you) and was then re-seated in a much better position (a just reward).

The QEH was a bit on the warm side.

The stage was very squeaky under the foot of one of the soloists as she stood up to play.

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Here are a few pics from yesterday’s rehearsal with Laurence Cummings in Hall 2, at our Kings Place HQ. The concert is tonight at the Queen Elizabeth Hall.

Last week we had the photoshoot for our new 2009-2010 brochure, which will come out in April (I hope!).

We’re going for quite a different feel this year with the pictures – after a number of seasons where we have tried to capture movement with the pictures this season we are going for more formal portraits. The concept was developed by our designer Dominic Carroll, and is based on the pictures of Disfarmer, a photographer working in 1920’s and 30’s America. The photographer this year was Jane Hilton, who we’re working with for the first time. Here are a few pics of the shoot in progress – we had found the optimum light was to be had by taking the pics not in Jane’s studio but in the garage of her next-door mechanics!

William Norris, Marketing Director

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