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While a small party of players has been out in the States this week the rest of the Orchestra has been in France, from where we’ve just had the following special report:

My name is Cagette, and I am the star of the show Mozart Short Cuts. Me.  Little me. Not those people in funny clothes who keep coming on and off the stage and singing.  And especially not those people in the pit who speak a funny language and are always trying to get me to come and be patted by them.  Why would I want to be pawed all over by a load of English musicians?  I can afford to be choosy.cagette

I have my own dressing room with a chaise longue and my favourite petits fours in a pink dish.  I have three scenes in the show.  I walk across the front of the stage, then I run in one door and out of another, and finally I am brought on in a hat box on a trolley by a very sinister figure who I think is trying to look like the masked man from the film Amadeus (one of my favourites, though there isn’t a big enough part for the dog in it).

I very rarely give interviews – you are very honoured.  In fact I have to go now, as it’s time for my make-up call.  Fifteen minutes to curtain up.  I’ll be signing pawtographs later, if you’d care to come back.  A bientot.


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