We had our first Goebbels rehearsal yesterday evening.  Here is the orchestra rehearsing on the vast stage at the Ordway Center. It seems

Ordway Centre

Ordway Centre

Americans do everything on a much vaster scale than us Brits. Not only breakfast (which today included muffins, bagels, waffles, fruit, omelette, French toast, scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, yoghurt, cereal, coffee, fruit juice…..) but weather, and now concert halls too!

Lots more today on the weather. We’re wondering if it’s made the news in the UK as over here they reckon it’s the coldest week in about 10 years!  The news is full of stories about people getting frostbite after only 4 minutes of being exposed to the cold! I’m not sure I want to find out if that is true!  On the news this morning they cracked an egg and it froze solid in 5 minutes.  Also if you throw a cup of water into the air it will instantly turn into vapour.  It works better with hot water as the particles are already moving…(GCSE science lesson here…).  Helen our cello player promises me she’s going to experiment with this later today so I’ll look forward to hearing if it’s true.  The cold weather even seems to be overtaking the Obama headlines!

Here’s another pic from the Ordway Center, stage door that I took yesterday.  Apparently it is legal to carry guns in Minnesota, so you have to specify if you don’t want them on the premises!  Scary stuff…ordway-centre-2

Ceri Jones, Projects Manager