It seems to be the time of year for lists and top tens so I asked around for peoples top OAE moments of 2008:

Moving office to Kings Place and buying the new office database – nerdy but important !

Michael Garvey, General Manager

Our previous intern Camilla nearly burning down the old offices with birthday candles.
The 31 Oct Night Shift- amazing experience and a great atmosphere with so many people there.

Natasha Stehr, Marketing Officer

The moment I walked into our new office once all the furniture had arrived.  After all the planning & imagining it in my head it was such an excitement and a relief too! Also getting goosebumps during the Swan Lake music in the Night Shift.

Ceri Jones, Projects Manager

The most brilliant coup de theatre of the year was Andreas Scholl’s encore, Purcell’s Sound the Trumpet. The first phrase came not from the mouth of the headline star, but from his Master of Ceremonies, the peerles Mr James Bowman, hiding behind a (very large) organ at the back of the stage. Their subsequent billing and cooing brought the house down at every venuw. A real highlight, possibly never to be repeated, and a privilege to witness.

Philippa Brownsword, Orchesstra Manager

For me it’s the Schumann symphony No 2 rehearsal with Sir Simon Rattle in Kings Place. The OAE was practicing the slow movement.

The first thing to say about rehearsal is that it’s always interesting to attend , especially when the Orchestra is at its largest and you can barely find a place to sit or stand. Therefore you totally wrapped by the music. The sensation is very powerful.

Beside, I must confess I have never felt very attracted to Schumann symphonies and always preferred his Lieders or piano music. I used to find the symphonies too smooth and a bit… borring (Sorry). I completely changed my mind. This second movement as the OAE played it this afternoon is for my musical year one of the most compelling moment. I found it very deep, dense, and being in such a small room with so many players was the best place ever for this revelation.

I am always very happy when a rehearsal or performance makes me leave my prejudices and leave me with one question: did I just change my mind about the composer, was it because of the conductor, the players, the fact they had period instrument??

Sylvain Malburet, Development and Marketing Intern

Its so hard to choose! I’ll always remember the Andreas Scholl concert back in June. His encore of Wayfaring Stranger was simply stunning – I was moved to tears. Incredibly powerful. More recently Hamlet with Vladimir Jurowski at the RFH was a fascinating, dramatic and exciting experience which I was completely involved and immersed in.

William Norris, Marketing Director

How about the inception of the darned blog itself?!

Megan Russell, Projects Officer

When I asked for people’s top moments Chi-Chi Nwanouku, our Principal Double Bass, sent me a story which while not maybe a highlight for her was certainly a memorable event! I’ll post it up soon. Also, do let us know what your top OAE events of 2008 were.

Will Norris, Marketing Director