I hope somebody is reading the blog today as I am currently updating from Cafe Nero on Christmas Eve – its fairly close to being hideous in here…

Anyway, as I mentioned below last week we had our Office Warming and Christmas Party. We actually moved into our new office at Kings Place in July, but it’s taken us a while to get all the last details fixed, not to mention find a spare date in the diary for a party! We wanted to have one to thank all the people who physically made the move possible – architect, office fit out company etc, as well as show off our new office to the arts industry! The new office has been a revelation – our previous offices were cramped, sweltering in summer and mostly smelt of food due to being above several restaurants. They also had virtually no windows. Our new offices are bright, airy, air-conditioned and have a lovely view over the canal – its just a far more pleasant place to work – and of course we are now in the same building as many of our rehearsals, as 2 floors below us is ‘Hall 2’ where we now do much of our rehearsing. Anyway, my time on the internet is limited here so I will leave it there – a few pics are posted below. I’ll take this opportunity to wish our readers a very happy Christmas!

Will, Marketing Director