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Thought we’d share a few reviews from recent weeks. First up is something from a little while back – Tom Service’s fantastic review of our last Night Shift – read it here on his blog. A lot of hard work goes into putting Night Shift’s on, so its nice to get such a positive review. We’ll do a post sometime about the logistics of putting two concerts on in one night!

His blog seemed to get picked up by quite a few people. Here you can even hear a group of students in the States talking about it!

Here’s a more recent piece from Reuters, a more general look at the Orchestra.

Finally here are a selection of reviews from our recent concerts with Sir Simon Rattle here in London.


Sunday Times



Here’s a photogallery from our 2 days in Spain, thanks to Megan for being our resident paparazzi! Yesterday the OAE flew back to the UK for a days break and today they are off to Birmingham for a concert in the fabulous acoustic of Symphony Hall. Then tomorrow they fly to Germany for the final leg of the tour.

Some slightly fuzzzy heads in the OAE office today – we had our office warming and Christmas party last night. Pics to follow soon!

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  • And now to play us out, the Chorale we sang earlier, but this time set by Buxtehude @KingsPlace posted 10 hours ago
  • "It's not one of those happy jolly cantatas," says @robhowarth. "It's a little bit angsty but very good for the soul." posted 11 hours ago
  • .@robhowarth now introduces today's cantata (BWV109), premiered this week in 1723. posted 11 hours ago
  • "The universe seems to conform to rational mathematical laws that can be reproduced in a computer." posted 11 hours ago
  • "You can see Bach in the symmetry of the universe" continues Carlos @KingsPlace posted 11 hours ago
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